Re-Opening July 19, 2020

July 14, 2020
Dear Friends,

The Re-Opening Committee has been hard at work in an effort to faithfully and responsibly re-open our Church home for public worship.  Our most sacred responsibility is to do all that we can to ensure the health and safety of those who choose to join us for worship.  This is a mandate of our faith as demonstrated by Jesus’ directive to love each other and our neighbor as ourselves.

We are planning on resuming in-person worship on July 19, 2020.  It will be broadcast as usual on WDEA; Zoom and Facebook will continue to be offered.  There are things to be accomplished first, and materials to be acquired in order to meet the guidelines that have been established.  There is also the possibility that the local situation may change in a fashion that would require a faithful rethinking of things.  Should any of these things occur we will let everyone know immediately.  

It would be helpful to us if could let the Church office or a Re-Opening Committee member know that you are planning to attend public worship services now. 

Here are the mandatory guidelines for public worship

  1.  Face coverings or face shields must be worn. Masks will be available at the door.  Thank you in advance for bringing your own.
  2.  You must use the hand sanitizer at the door.
  3.   Temperatures will be taken at the door – if you have a temp, you cannot come in.
  4. Congregational attendance will be recorded by name.
  5.  Non-congregational members will be asked to write name and phone number on a card which will be sealed in a dated envelope—if no one here contracts Covid-19, we won’t have to contact the visitors and those envelopes will be shredded.
  6.   Physical distancing will be accomplished by using every third pew, families can sit together. Ushers will seat you in the appropriate pew.
  7.  There will be no congregational singing. A soloist will provide music throughout the service.
  8.  There are no hymnals or Bibles in the pews.
  9.  Bulletins are to be dropped in the basket at the door at the end of worship.
  10.  The church will be thoroughly cleaned and the sanctuary secured between services.

Yours in faith,
The Re-Opening Committee: Jim Kimbrell, Cathy Lacey, Jack Lacey, John Lacey, Tom MacDonald, Gil McLaughlin, Katharine Schrader, Lois Stevens, Troy Tainter